Stud Fee: Champions - $1,200

The stud fee and stud contract, along with all bitch information and clearances, is due prior to breeding.

Registration papers will not be signed without stud service and all vet expenses are paid in full.

All breedings are guaranteed to produce a litter. A litter shall be considered a litter, if at least two live (2) puppies are whelped. A service fee of $300.00 will be collected at the time of the breeding. The remainder of the stud fee will be due upon the arrival of the litter producing 2 pups.

The owner of the bitch will be responsible for FedEx charges. These expenses are payable at the time of the breeding. The owner of the bitch will arrange for cooled semen shipping kits to be sent back to Stonewall Farm Labradors after the breeding or additional fees for the box replacement will be due. Bitch owner will reimburse Stonewall Farm. All clearances of Stonewall Farm sires are located on the OFA website. Prior to breeding takes place, bitch owner will need provide Stonewall Farm with all the bitch’s health clearances.
Accurate timing is the most critical factor in the success of breeding via shipped semen. Bitch owner is responsible for all testing done to the bitch prior to and during breeding to assure the proper timing of the breeding. All breeding will be done by artificial insemination. There will be no guarantee to produce a litter if progesterone levels are not provided.

After a litter is whelped, breeder will send or email a completed AKC Litter Registration Form to Stonewall Farm for signature of the Owner of the Sire portion of the form.

Stonewall Farm Labradors will then forward forms on to the AKC. If you prefer, a fast and easy way to complete a Litter Registration is online from the AKC Web site.

No puppies resulting from the breeding may be sold to brokers, pets shops, puppy mills,shall be used to produce cross breeds, such as, but not limited to Labradoodles, Goldendoodles or be used in puppy auctions. Should this part of the contract be ignored, the stud dog owner will pursue this clause in a court of
law in place of residence of stud dog. Bitch owner will be responsible for five times the stud fee, if any puppies resulting from this litter are determined to be in such situations. Further, stud dog owner requires that puppies sired by a Stonewall Farm stud dog, not be sold outside the United States unless expressed
permission is given in writing by the same.

If a breeding is done by frozen semen, the cost of the semen is paid upfront prior to the breeding at the cost of $1,500 and the bitch owner is responsible for the cost of shipping the semen to the reproduction veterinarian who will be performing the procedure.

I agree to the following contract.

Puppy owner__________________________________